TAOS Study

TAOS Study


Comparison of Transtibial Amputation with and without a Tibia-Fibula Synostosis


Principal Investigator: Michael Bosse, MD

The primary objective of this study is to compare levels of impairment and functional outcomes for patients undergoing a transtibial amputation and randomized to receive an endbearing tibia-fibula synostosis (Ertl procedure) versus a standard posterior flap procedure (Burgess procedure). Secondary objectives are to 1) compare the fit and the alignment of the prosthesis together with levels of comfort and satisfaction between treatment groups; and 2) compare rates of re-hospitalizations for complications, resource utilization, and overall treatment costs for patients undergoing a below the knee amputation who are randomized to receive an end-bearing tibia-fibula synostosis versus a standard posterior flap procedure.



This study is being funded by DoD CDMRP PRORP METRC Consortium Award (W8XWH-10-0090).