METRCMajor Extremity Trauma Research Consortium

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Featured Achievement

METRC accepts The Clinical Research Forum’s Top 10 Clinical Research Achievement Award for the PREVENT CLOT study

In addition, PREVENT CLOT won a further honor, the Distinguished Clinical Research Achievement Awards

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Featured achievement

Kappa Delta Elizabeth Winston Lanier Award

Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium Receives Prestigious Award for Advancing the Field of Clinical Trials in Trauma Orthopaedics.

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Upcoming Events

METRC had a Major Showing at 2023 OTA Meeting

For the 2023 Orthopaedic Trauma Association Annual Meeting in Seattle, METRC presented 22 abstracts.

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Our Mission

To produce the evidence needed to establish treatment guidelines for the optimal care of the wounded warrior and ultimately improve the clinical, functional and quality of life outcomes of both service members and civilians who sustain high energy trauma to the extremities.

METRC continues to move new studies forward

METRC has sponsored 36 prospective multicenter studies to date. Of these, 12 are ongoing; 7 have completed data collection and analyses are in progress; and 17 are fully complete. The Consortium continues to seek funding to carry on its vital mission. Eight new grant proposals have been submitted this year and 2 additional proposals are in progress.

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Over 23,000 Patients

Since 2012, METRC has worked with more than 23,000 patients across 82 different sites and 38 studies.

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Annual and Cumulative Publications

Our publication output continues to grow. This year METRC will present 13 podiums at the Orthopaedic Trauma Association Annual Research Meeting in Seattle. All of the podium presentations will be become METRC publications over the course of the next year.

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