METRCMajor Extremity Trauma Research Consortium


The increasing availability of primary results from a multitude of studies, coupled with the surge in secondary analyses of those finished studies, has solidified METRC’s growing prominence at the most esteemed professional gatherings in the field. This year, we took the initiative to submit 25 abstracts for consideration to the Orthopaedic Trauma Association Annual Meeting. Out of these, an impressive 22 were accepted and are slated for presentation, showcasing the caliber of our work.

It's noteworthy that the preparation and submission of this year’s abstracts were spearheaded by investigators from various sites within the Consortium. The sheer diversity amongst these researchers and investigators, hailing from different sites and areas of expertise, is a vivid reflection of the broad scope and robust nature of our METRC collaboration.

Furthermore, when it comes to the dissemination of METRC research, it's in truly capable hands. The findings will be shared and presented by some of the most seasoned and respected orthopaedic trauma surgeons in the United States. Additionally, we have the privilege of involving emerging investigators in our dissemination plan. These individuals, who are at the beginning stages of their paths to become surgeon scientists, bring fresh perspectives and new energy to the forefront. This balanced blend of experience and emerging talent underscores the expansive reach and potential of METRC's collaborative endeavors.

2023 OTA Annual Meeting Information